TPS Challenge-Back to School

Yep.  The children are going back to school today here in PA.  All the stores were crowded with parents and children trying to get their supplies and clothes.  My two children are out of school and one has already graduated from college and the other is in his senior year.  Not much for me to do with them now.  I do kinda miss it tho.  This is my interpretation of the Back to School Challenge.  Hope you like her.  Enjoy!!




Copic coloring:  Skin: E21, 00, 51, 50; Hair: E39, 37, 33, 31; Cheeks: R20, 30; Lips:R24, 22; Eyes: B29, 24, 21; Shirt: Y38, 19, 08; Color and Trim: T6, T4, T2 and Blender; Skirt: B99, 95, 93, 52; Socks: Y38, 19, 08; Shoes: B99, 97, 95, 93, 52 and B34, 21; Bookbag: R39, 27, 24

Mo’s August 2016 Challenge

I can’t believe that it is the end of August!!  Where has the time gone.  Why does it seem like the summer months fly by and the winter months sllooww down? With that said, I do love creating anything Halloween and so my submission for this months challenge is, you guessed it, Halloween.  I fell in love with this image as soon as Maurie posted it. Hope you love it too. Enjoy!!


Copic markers:

Skin: E11, 21, 00, 000; Cheeks: R20, 30; Lips: R24; Eyes: Prismacolor 913; Hat: G07, YG07, YG06; Hat Band: N8, 7, 6, 5 and 03; Scarf and bow on hat: YR18, 09, 04, 12; Apple: R39, 35, 24; Carmel: E37, 33; Jacket: N8, 7, 6, 5; Patches on jacket: V09, 05; YR09, 04 with YG09, 06, V09, 05 and N8; Dress: G07, YG07, V09, 05; Cat: N4, 3, 2, Ears: R32; Broom: Y19, 15, 11, Handle and apple stick: E37, 34, 33, 30; Ribbon: V09,o6, 05.

Tiddly Inks Challenge #188

Howdy!!!!  Its been a pretty hot summer here in PA.  I’ve been trying to make cards for the August challenge and really haven’t felt like doing much but sitting in the air conditioning and keeping cool.  I am not complaining because  it will be cold here soon and the the “S” word will arrive.  Anyhoo, I did manage to color this card which I just fell in love with.  I hope you like it too.  Enjoy!


Copic Markers:  Mini Mermaid on front of  card: Skin: E11,21,00; Cheeks: R20. 30; Hair: YR04, Y38, Y17, 08,04; Tail: BV04, 02, 0000; Top: BV04, 02 (Dots BV08); Striped Fish: YR04, 02, 01;  Y19, 15, 13 and Fish #2: B28, 26, 23 and B69

Mini Mermaid on inside of card: Skin: E11, 21, 01, 00; Cheeks: R20, 30, E04; Hair: R27, 08, 05, 02, 01; Tail and Top: R85, 83, 81; Fish: (1) BG09, 13, 23, G14, YG05; Fish: (2) G14, YGo5 and Spots BG09